Gorsuch, Filibusters & the Nuclear Option

Donald Trump names his Supreme Court pick: Neil Gorsuch. The Left is vowing to filibuster (obstruct) this pick. Claim this vacancy was stolen from Merrick Garland. Faux outrage. Obstructionism. What should we look for in a Supreme Court nominee? Gorsuch to apply law as it was originally intended, regardless of his personal opinions. What is a filibuster? The purpose is to extend debate, not shut it up. Nuclear option gives Senate the ability to bypass filibuster rules for filling vacancies in federal judiciary. Republicans must follow Constitution & rules when they are in power. But they also must use legitimate rules in their favor to avoid pure obstructionism. Heritage suggests invoking the two-speech rule as an alternative approach. The Left & the Media are going to make this a spectacle no matter what GOP does if they indeed try to approve Gorsuch. Bottom line: GOP needs to follow Constitution & Senate rules, but they should not be obstructed from enacting the will of the people as the majority. And Democrats should try to win the argument instead of being obstructionists.