The Courts, Executive Power & Fighting Terrorism

Do you believe I had some tell me I should've cheered for a Hillary victory so I would have content for the show? Turns out Trump gives us plenty to talk about. Ninth Circuit Court upholds stay of Trump's Executive Order. Islamic Terrorism: Trump is trying to ban the latter, not the former, from entry into the US. A discussion of Islamic Extremism & terrorism. Tom Price confirmed. The Left continues to protest & obstruct, moving attention to stopping Andrew Puzder now. Have people from the 7 countries Trump targeted to ban killed others in acts of terrorism? The role of the courts & the executive. Kellyanne Conway's comments about buying Ivanka Trump's stuff - and what I really think she was trying to do. What is going to happen with Obamacare? Republicans facing heat at town hall meetings. Democrats meet to strategize & get their latest talking points. But their Party is an absolute mess right now. Keith Ellison ties to Nation of Islam & Louis Farrakhan. Have a great weekend.