Legitimate Story & Media Narrative?

Take away all details & specifics of the first month of the Trump Administration, and we knew this would be the political landscape. Media attacks & thinks it has Trump in the corner. NYT piece about Trump Team's contacts with 'Russian Intelligence' during campaign. Is this just the latest, predictable attack - or did the media stumble upon a real story, like a blind squirrel finding an acorn? Compare & contrast how media covered Hillary Clinton's hacked server & Michael Flynn's hacked phone call, and it's obvious which side the media is on. Just be consistent. But if you read the whole article, you can see that these alleged encounters with Russian intelligence agents could have been made unknowingly during legitimate business dealings. In other words, the spies could have been secret agents posing as business contacts during legitimate business meetings where hacking the election wasn't discussed. This story buries pertinent information, which leads one to question its intentions. Legitimate news story or hit piece designed to further the Trump/Russia narrative?