Obstruct, Delegitimize and Impeach: A Democrat Strategy

Some liberals believe that Donald Trump's 'Russia Scandal' is worse than Hillary's 'Benghazi.' What exactly is the 'Russia Scandal?' A brief discussion of Benghazi. The Benghazi investigation led us to the secret Hillary server - which, according to the Left, became the very server the Russians hacked to help Trump win the election. Democrats plan to obstruct, delay, stop and, if possible, impeach Donald Trump. This is their strategy - no matter what Trump decided to do as president. Some Republicans liked having the issue of Obamacare to run on, but they never really wanted to do anything about it. That's in part what we're witnessing now with the uncertainty on how to proceed - along with some legitimate disagreement from different groups within the Party. No time to talk about John McCain, Milo, "I pee with LGBT" or the socialist disaster of Venezuela. Have a great day.