America's Ideological Battle

A nation's governmental ideology is tremendously important. We have a myriad of examples around the world, ranging from Communist to 'Democratic' Socialist to Islamic Republics to our Constitutional Republic. Marine Le Pen refuses to wear Islamic head scarf, cancels meeting with Lebanon. 'Democratic' Socialism grows in US. According to a study, which of course are never wrong, millennials self-describe as narcissistic. This is a short jump to an entitled mentality. Dangerous crossroads for America. More hawks, less chickens; more people, more chickens. Tragedy of the Commons. The role of morality and, yes, even religion. Even Christianity. Charity. Brotherly love. American goodness. An argument for a Creator. R.C. Sproul 'The Myth of Chance.' Believers in God often have very well thought-out reasons, despite being painted as believers in myths & fairy tales. So it turns out PESD isn't a real thing? Who would've guessed it?!