Who Will Pick Up the Pieces of the Democrat Party?

Democrats got shellacked in 2016 - despite their arrogant predictions of a certain Hillary victory. They now pick up the pieces and will choose a new leader of the DNC this weekend. Tom Perez, considered by some as the establishment candidate. Keith Ellison, who is supported by the progressive/ultra-Left wing of the Party. Pete Buttigieg, mayor of South Bend, Indiana. Sally Boyton Brown, Debbie Wasserman Schultz II, is my personal favorite because she will provide great show content. How I think the superficial Left views this race for DNC Chair. James O'Keefe to release video footage of newsroom talk of (presumably) CNN. Can you imagine what they say while the cameras are off? It sounds like we're about to find out. Trump fighting media does not constitute a crisis or a totalitarian regime. More speech, not less, is best. Debating whether it's presidential is another issue. Chicago Public Schools not cooperating with ICE. Trump reverses Obama's transgender bathroom directive. These fights will continue through Trump presidency, which some experts say will only be a few more weeks or months. Are some Leftists silently (or even openly) hoping for a Trump assassination? It definitely has been the topic of their comments.