Will Republicans Repeal Obamacare?

Republicans now have the power to 'repeal & replace' Obamacare, but they're indecisive. And they're making me nervous. Most of them liked having the issue to campaign on, but some of them don't seem intent on repealing it. Boehner says they won't repeal it. Some genuine disagreement on how to proceed, too. List of Obamacare tax hikes. Some governors are refusing to work with Trump on enforcing immigration law. Ironically, these liberals are citing federalism - which they normally despise. What places a bigger financial burden on the state: deportation or illegal aliens living in the state? I'm more concerned with Congress not following through on campaign promises than Trump. LA Times: the political losers don't have to be nice. Exactly why there is a 'liberal, not bitter' talk radio program. Democrats (predictably) plan 'total war on Trump.' Bannon talks of 'deconstructing' administrative state at CPAC. Good. Dow Chemical CEO makes liberal heads spin with comments about Trump. Have a great weekend!