A Night of Irony at Oscar's

Rich irony at the Oscar's. Much like the 2016 Election, the assumed winner snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. A perfect ending to a night full of speeches and jokes targeting Trump & his deplorable supporters. Some in the Left deny radical Islamic terrorists target those in the LGBT community. That's unequivocally false, as they target anyone who doesn't share their beliefs & worldview - like the Christians now fleeing Isis in Egypt. Isis encouraging cannibalism of non-Muslims & using puppies as suicide bombers. Trump to unveil budget that reportedly will increase military spending and cut EPA spending. What will conservatives think of this? (We know what the Left will think of it.) Trump to address Congress tomorrow. Tom Perez elected DNC Chair. Sally Boynton-Brown, my favorite choice for the position, should now apply as an administrator at this 'anti-racism' Seattle preschool. We teach our kids to love God & to love people. What's so wrong with that approach?