Trump Going to Congress

Trump to address joint session of Congress tonight about his budget & agenda. Reports state he wants to increase military spending by $54 billion & cut budgets at the EPA & State Dept. The budget, our debt & the beast known as big government. 'America first.' Repealing Obamacare. Why can't the House & Senate pass HR 3762 again & send to President Trump - just as they did to former-President Obama? Playing politics. Repeal & replace? Boehner says they'll never repeal. Bucknell covers bathroom mirrors to help students with 'body positivity' and 'self love.' Just an example of what the Left thinks the American taxapayer should provide free-of-charge to students. Mexican Catholic church calls US immigration policies 'acts of terror.' Meanwhile, we have politicians (like Obama) who refused to say Islamic extremists are terrorists. An upside-down world.