Bait & Switch: The Story of Repeal & Replace

I meant to mention this earlier in the week: "Reason to Vote for Democrats" shoots to top of Amazon charts. But it's a book full of blank pages. Creative reviews. No tax reform until after August recess? Democrat Party is a train wreck, but GOP is not handling healthcare properly. Devastating to craft a bill that doesn't unleash the free market. Democrats will use that failure to push single payer. Pence says Obamacare replacement will pass by spring. When will we be repealing Obamacare? History of 'repeal & replace' - and what the real promise was. GOP Congress is telling us to 'trust them' to build upon legislation later. They'll forgive me for not trusting them. Is this legislation Trumpcare, Ryancare, Obamacare Lite, Congresscare, something else? Branding matters. If Americans see this as Obamacare Lite, I think it may have big difficulties passing. Repeal is a necessary part of this because that is the original promise. Trump halfway through first 100 days. NCAA tournament time: perfect time for Obama to make his public return & promote his $65 million book - even if it has blank pages at this point. ESPN cutting on-air talent due to losing revenue. The Nutty Professor Bernie Sanders says, 'despair is not an option.' Sure it is. That's why the Leftists have cry-ins, Play-Doh, coloring books, teddy bears & service dogs for college students who voted for Hillary.