Big Government Can't - But They Say They Can

Mother Nature apparently protesting EPA Director Scott Pruitt by unleashing a blizzard in the Northeast in mid-March. Obamacare battle continues. Trump budget to cut federal workforce in most areas. That's good news, even though the Left & Media panic over this. But why not take the same approach with Obamacare? Sexy, Sexy, Sexy Martin O'Malley makes the news this weekend talking about his campaign's failures. He's right: "None of it made any sense." The superficial Left. A discussion of 'Repeal & Replace.' Being wise about the process of dismantling Obamacare is not synonymous with creating our own government-run GOP version of Obamacare. Free markets are one of the most powerful tools in the conservative's tool belt. Let's trust them. An anecdote from college. Hillary met with Russian Ambassador, too? Do we believe the Kremlin or the Clinton Campaign? Would we have been told Russia hacked the election had Hillary won? Would there have been calls for her to be impeached for colluding with Russia? Tumblr trying to save Planned Parenthood with same old meaningless, predictable talking points. It's just boring now.