The Narrative, the Worldview & the Hypocrisy

Where do I start today? Fareed Zakaria tells us Vladimir Putin is the most powerful man in the world. The Nutty Professor Bernie Sanders holds a West Viriginia town hall on MSNBC, promoting socialism & socialized medicine. Paul Ryan doing his best Nancy Pelosi impression. CBO gives bad score for AHCA. I don't like the bill, but why do we trust the CBO? Study finds (yes, a scientific study) that parenthood leads to longer life. Using media's normal tactics, could we not say Planned Parenthood cuts the life of its clientele short by preventing them from becoming a parent? Equal pay apparently won't happen until we've been destroyed by climate change. Fareed Zakaria thinks Putin is most powerful man in the world. Apparently, the only man in the world capable of 'stealing the US Election.' On whose watch did he become so powerful? And that's even post 'Russian Reset Button.' Congressman Luis Gutierrez 'arrested' by ICE. He got his headline, but it's not why he wants you to think. European non-profit 'experts' want to give pedophiles child sex dolls to satisfy their corrupt urge. Overeducated idiots.