Geraldo, Al Capone & Trump's Tax Returns

Rachel Maddow overplays her 'Trump tax return' hand. Reminds me of Geraldo opening Al Capone's vault in 1986. It is reported that these tax returns have been released previously & the Wall Street Journal reported on them. What does the Left think they will find in Trump's returns? Insanity. Perfect story for MSNBC, home of Brian Williams. If we are told, unequivocally, that Trump & Putin colluded to 'steal the election,' should we also not be asking who is colluding to keep Trump from governing? Turning back regulations - and someone making the case for Federalism & States' Rights while thinking they are arguing to keep the Federal regulation. I eagerly await the return of (former) President Obama to ESPN to talk about his brackets. If he only would have stuck to that for 8 years, we would have a lot fewer problems to fix. Can you imagine Trump making NCAA bracket picks on ESPN?