Another Legal Battle Over Executive Power

Trump temporary travel ban 2.0 stopped by a federal judge. Judge Derrick Watson apparently connects Islam to terrorism, because the executive order focus on stopping terrorism and allows entry for 9 of the 10 most populous Muslim nations in world. Although objective thought makes it clear that there are Islamic terrorists who believe waging jihad against the United States is their religious duty. If media was consistent, they'd now be saying this judge is helping Isis recruit. Judge is Obama appointee. Republican judges on 9th Circuit Court seem to support Trump's authority to issue ban. By the way, where are all the lawsuits resulting from Obama ending 'wet foot, dry foot' policy, which clearly is designed to target Cuban nationals? Cuban migrants detained & possibly abused in Mexico. Hypocrisy is really deep. Healthcare fight continues. Organizing for America email arguing for the government to effectively be the church or at least the private charity. Obama releases NCAA brackets, but declines ESPN invitation. If he would've focused on bracketology for 8 years, America would have much fewer problems today.