American Weakness Is Provocative

McDonalds tweet. Account hacked? True or not, this is the common excuse. Chris Matthews trying to channel his inner Rachel Maddow & drive ratings up with his own silly comments. Calls Trump "weirdo in the basement." I think he's confusing Trump with his listeners. (I'm teasing liberals. Take it easy.) How did we get here with North Korea. Bill Clinton. American weakness is provocative. Negotiating with evil madmen is truly insane. And when they have nuclear weapons & threaten to use them, why would we take military options off the table? We are not threatening war, they are. We are trying to maintain peace. And you don't do that through weakness & capitulation to madmen. I tire of America being blamed for every problem in the world. The US is trying to maintain peace. Romans 12:18 tells us to live at peace ... as far as it depends upon us. Madmen sometimes make it difficult or even impossible. We're making the same mistakes with Iran. Jihadi Joe. We don't want war, but there is risk in doing nothing and empowering maniacal, dictatorial madmen - be they in North Korea or Iran. Want to drive the Left & Media mad? Introduce a budget that cuts budgets for all but 3 Cabinet agencies. And increase budgets for those related to military/defense. Chelsea Clinton is writing a book called "She Persisted." It's reportedly for people who have been told to quit. As a conservative, I've been told to quit - and I have no interest in the book. Have a great weekend!