The Battle for the Judiciary & the Role it Plays in Advancing Liberalism

Donna Brazile comes clean & admits to sharing debate question with Hillary. I can't believe Democrats would replace her - unless she's looking for work at the DNC. Neil Gorsuch hearings this week. Merrick Garland & the 2016 campaign over the Supreme Court. The Liberals are not about to give up ground on the Supreme Court without a fight. The Court, along with our system of higher education, is one of the main tools the Left has to advance liberalism. This is exactly why Donna Brazile has to share questions with Hillary: liberals cannot win by being honest in elections. But they are good at using force and the Supreme Court. College to cost $500,000 in 18 years? This nonsense will continue as long as taxpayers foot the bill. Tomi Lahren is pro-choice. Says limited government should not be involved in telling a woman what to do with her body. But this is about protecting life - and the other body in the equation: the unborn child's. A conscience requires we address this part of equation, too. Ignoring that is intellectually dishonest. Trump Nazi billboard defended by 'artist.' TV show Colony described by Vox as 'accidentally the most relevant show on television.' I'm going to have to discuss this tomorrow. Lots to unpack in this piece.