Constitutional Originalism Is Very Good For The Supreme Court - And America

Sorry for being out yesterday. Working on growing & building the show. Gorsuch masterfully avoids stepping on landmines set by Democrats. So now they attack him because he's an originalist. The Constitution is a 'living, breathing document?' Maxine Waters threatens impeachment. Comparing the legislative styles of Democrats & Republicans. A look at the Constitution & Originalism. The far Left doesn't like the concepts of Truth & an unchanging standard. Cosmo tackles the issue of Constitutional Originalism - and why they say it's bulls***. Where else would you turn to get insightful constitutional analysis? What's going to happen with GOP healthcare bill? Ryan seems to think it will pass. Rand Paul says it won't pass Senate. Trump threatens conservative legislators? We need to quit thinking of this as Republicans' turn to create a top-down government solution & truly allow the free markets to work. Reasons Heritage Foundation conservatives don't like the AHCA. Kaepernick donates $50k to Meals On Wheels.