Is the GOP Choosing Symbolism Over Substance?

Democrats are prepared to filibuster Neil Gorsuch because he wants to follow the Constitution. Let that sink in. Healthcare vote today, the 7th anniversary of Obamacare being signed into law. Some in Congress seem fixated on symbolism over substance, insisting on having a vote today. If House Freedom Caucus isn't on board, it's hard to convince me this is a conservative piece of legislation. This process, regardless of the details of the AHCA, hasn't felt right to me. London terror attack tied to (or inspired by) Isis. It's about time to hear leaders acknowledge our enemy: Islamic terrorists (jihadists). Salon article: 'Why are Republicans so cruel to the poor?' This article falls one level short of sophistry. In fact, the arguments are almost as stupid as worrying if our military's presence will cause the island of Guam to tip over. Don't have time to talk about Congressman Nunes' comments about Trump's communications being intercepted & his being 'unmasked.'