Our Political Civil War

We are having a political civil war. Far left versus traditional America. And establishment Republicans versus conservatives. GOP needs to take offense. Half of Democrat Senate seats up for election in 2018. Put these Senators on the political hot seat. Left gloats over failure of AHCA. Careful: pride comes before the fall. Trump not throwing out first pitch at Nationals game - but it's not quite as traditional as the misleading Time story would have you believe. Pro-Life advocates who created secret Planned Parenthood videos have been charged with crimes in the People's Republic of California. What's going on with Planned Parenthood by the way?Lots of cash. Lots of abortions. No annual report. Taxpayer-funded abortion mill. Brexit offically begins. Nigel Farage & Team Brexit move to Calexit. Others try to get California to secede from the Union. A brief update on our show - and an invitation to contact me if you just feel like you need to be involved: Todd@ToddHuffRadio.com. Looking for prayer partners, advertisers & people simply interested in being involved in this journey. I value you greatly. God bless.