Obstruct, Delegitimize and Impeach: A Democrat Strategy II

Government has grown for decades. Politicians have increased their power. In fact, many consider their primary job to be getting elected & re-elected - not helping implement the will of the American people within the framework of the Constitution. They are in all-out war against Trump, who promised to 'drain the swamp.' And they are doing everything they can to protect big government liberalism - making every single step difficult for the Trump Administration. Let's discuss Jeff Sessions & Russia with this in mind. Ben Carson just confirmed as HUD Secretary yesterday. Longest Cabinet approval since George Washington. The cries against Jeff Sessions for his resignation. Perjury accusations coming from the same people who applauded Bill Clinton for real perjury. Sessions insist he testified honestly. CNN tells us the real objective: preventing the advancement Trump's agenda. Claire McCaskill caught in real deceit. I'm officially implementing The Scripps Policy for educating liberals. Kaepernick no longer going to kneel during National Anthem. Coincidentally, he decided this as he's looking to be signed by a new team. You want to be discussed on this program, do something like this: American man claims to be rightful King of England. Have a great weekend. See you Monday.