Trump has drawn battle lines with the Freedom Caucus - but that's the wrong enemy. Cities calling for Trump's impeachment. Sounds like the sort of thing Bloomington may jump in on - like their boycott of Arizona over immigration enforcement. Senate votes to allow states the right to cut Planned Parenthood funding. Good. Planned Parenthood is an abortion mill, not a provider of women's healthcare. Gorsuch nomination. Will Democrats mount a successful filibuster? A brief summary of what happened between the unfortunate passing of Antonin Scalia until today. Democrats oppose Gorsuch because he believes in the Constitution. Either that or they oppose him for spite over Merrick Garland. Either way is indefensible. It's fake news to further the lie that Supreme Court nominees must meet a minimum 60 vote threshold. In fact, 2 of the current Justices on the High Court were confirmed with fewer than 60 votes. Filibuster vs simple majority vote. Some Democrats are happy to see GOP change 'nuclear option' to apply to Supreme Court nominees so they can benefit from it in future. Other Democrats - like Joe Manchin & Heidi Heitkamp - are worried a filibuster will harm their re-election chances. But they are not making these decisions on their own: they are asking Schumer for permission to oppose a filibuster. T-Rex was a 'sensitive lover?' Was he also a prehistoric metrosexual who drove a Prius & got mani-pedis?