Trump Claims Richard Milhous Obama Order Watergate 2.0

In case you were peacefully marching at a Trump rally over the weekend only to be assaulted by Leftists, you may have missed this: Trump accuses Obama of wiretapping his campaign. If media were consistent, they'd want an inquiry into why Richard Milhous Obama launched Watergate 2.0 against Trump. Finally, a political scandal that makes sense to me! Comparing Trump/Russia Scandal with Watergate 2.0. Democrat Senator Chris Coons admits there is no evidence Trump colluded with Russia. Details aside, we knew this is exactly what having President Trump would look like. Comparing how the Left & the Right respond to political scandal allegations. We do know Obama Admin was listening/watching people around Trump. Trump's people will say it was political; Obama's people will say it was because he was colluding with Russia.