Immigration, Obamacare & Madmen With Missiles

Lots going on today. Madman in North Korea lobbing missiles in general direction of Japan - putting Japan on highest level of alert. North Korea says practicing strike on US military base. Korean peninsula at night. US taking criticism for THAAD (South Korean missile defense system). Wonder why they'd need that? Iran fires missiles. GOP beginning move on Obamacare. Trump offers to fund Planned Parenthood, if they stop providing abortions. They immediately declined. Is this really about women's health? Science. Beginning of life. Tom Perez hypocrisy in protesting Trump's new executive order on immigration. Was he protesting Obama's end to 'dry foot' policy - which actually could have impacted his grandparents, who immigrated from the Dominican Republic. Disingenuous Left. Reminder: Scripps Policy is strictly enforced on this program. Liberal optimism? Seriously? Is there really such a thing? Reports indicate that FBI probes involve 300 people admitted to US as refugees. Not sincere to say Trump is banning Muslims.