The Obamacare Fight

House Ways & Means Committee approves GOP Obamacare replacement. Paul Ryan touts bill. Republican leaders present false choice: this bill or break your promise to repeal Obamacare. House Freedom Caucus opposes. So do many conservative groups. And just 'about everyone.' Mark Meadows thinks Trump will change his view of legislation once he understands conservative objections. Why not pass HR 3762 again? Big government versus the free market. Why free markets are better. Choice versus force. Government cannot even manage pencil supply, so why can it manage healthcare? The default point for solving problems in America is not government control, it's free market innovation & consumer choice. In Trump's first month, illegal border crossings are down 40% and 298,000 new jobs were added. Trudeau's wife faces backlash. Radio station only plays men's music. Steven Hawking argues for world government to stop technology from destroying us.