Terrorists Target Egyptian Christians

Isis attacks Christian churches in Egypt on Palm Sunday - the beginning of the Holy Week. Islamic extremists are waging a holy war on anyone not willing to accept their ideology & worldview - which includes Christianity. Trump & Syria. Trump doubles down. Tensions continue to rise. The Left suddenly needs more than emotional reasoning for policies. Getting a second medical opinion leads to different diagnosis a staggering 88% of the time. But if the patient is earth, and the doctor is a climate change scientist, the diagnosis only changes 3% of the time. And interestingly, the treatment always involves more government & less liberty. Scientists say large portions of the Great Barrier Reef will not recover from bleaching. Does Google pay women less than men? Does Elizabeth Warren pay women less? Some say no. But if the champions of closing the 'pay gap' cannot fix it in their own organizations, how on earth do they expect to 'fix' it nationally? Do we us biological gender when calculating these numbers?