Tensions Build

Neil Gorsuch sworn in as Supreme Court Justice, even as Democrats continue the fundraising narrative that the seat was stolen from Merrick Garland. Trump Administration says subsequent strikes on Syria are possible if they continue using chemical weapons. Susan Rice told us months ago Syria had no chemical weapons. Russia won't try to shoot down Tomahawk missiles.  Editor upset by term "Tomahawk" missile. Message to North Korea? China sends 150,000 troops to North Korean border in preparation of US actions. Trump sends aircraft carrier strike force to North Korean region & asks military advisers for options on North Korea. Does supporting Syrian strike mean you have to be against Trump's extreme vetting of refugees? Picture of unborn twins 'kissing' in womb at 24-weeks. Waiting for Planned Parenthood to call for the image to be boycotted. Federal judge rules Texas voter ID law is unconstitutional. United Airlines debacle. What an inexcusable disaster.