Why Didn't Obama Do That?

Obama was supposed to usher in peace on earth by the power of his personality, but he left it on fire. He demonstrated that American weakness is indeed provocative. North Korea didn't happen overnight. Putin & Russia went from an Obama punchline 4-1/2 years ago to single-handedly the greatest threat to the American republic. Trump has been described as dangerous, volatile & reactive, but he's gotten China on board to stop North Korea's nuclear program. Jeff Sessions says catch & release policies are over, and if you're caught illegally trying to enter the US, you will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. A comparison of how liberals & conservatives engage in political fights. There is a big difference between the US & North Korea having nuclear weapons - and the two are not morally equivalent. Estes wins seat vacated by Pompeo in Kansas, although it was much closer than in was in November election. Putin says trust for US has decreased under Trump. How did this not get figured into his calculations to help Trump 'steal the election?' Trump works to restructure the government to work more efficiently and to return us to a limited government. Draining the swamp.