Downsizing Government

Starting with a few things I couldn't get to yesterday. First, Trump is restructuring government to make it more efficient - and limited. Restoring limited government is going to be a process - and it's going to be a fight every step of the way. Professor calls for Trump to be hanged. Professor who predicted Trump would win in November now predicts Trump will be impeached. Sean Spicer's comments about Hitler & chemical weapons. The apology. The politics. The truth. North Korea showdown. A new nuclear test coming soon? Japan thinks North Korea has sarin-tipped missles. Article in The Guardian that says we shouldn't call North Korea crazy - and that we should view his actions as understandable from his point-of-view. The reality of why we stand here with North Korea. Border arrests are down because fewer folks are illegally crossing border - due to Trump's enforcement of the law. But the funding for the border wall may be on-hold to avoid a government shutdown - which of course would be blamed on Republicans.