The Most Important Weekend in History

The US drops the 'Mother of All Bombs' (Moab) on an Isis tunnel system in Afghanistan. Reports indicate that 36 Isis jihadis & 0 civilians were killed. Left still worried about proportionality. Trump delegates decisions like this to those closer to the field of battle, eliminating the influence of politics on the decision-making process. We need to strike to win & use the force required to win - not be paralyzed by silly factors. Dennis Kucinich & others on the Left are unsettled simply by using the bomb. Duquense University students oppose Chick-Fil-A on campus because of it's so-called 'questionable history on civil & human rights.' Are you kidding me? Jesus came for everyone - and it should be remembered this Good Friday & Easter weekend. What will you do with this most important weekend in history? Happy Resurrection Sunday!