It's Always OK If You're a Liberal

Melissa Etheridge offers this great parenting advice. Works for other relationships, too. Former President Barack Obama takes picture of Michelle on deck of a yacht that could be confused with a cruise ship - and Leftists on the internet fawn over the moment. North Korea: proof that American weakness has been provocative over the years. Tensions rise. US sends missile defense system to South Korea & 2 more aircraft carriers to the region. Pentagon reviews American 'nuclear posture.' North Korea blames US for taking world to the brink of nuclear war while ignoring their 2 nuclear tests and 24 ballistic missile tests last year alone - all of which violate Security Council sanctions. Former FEC Chair calls for regulating political speech online. Why do some constantly tear down 'big business' while trusting their entire well-being & life, without hesitation, to 'big government?' Trump's approval numbers are now at 50% - up 8% from his low a few weeks ago.