Tensions Continue to Build

Terror attack in France just days before their election. Terrorism seeks political outcomes. Sharia law. Radical Islamic extremism. Jihad is a religious war. Who are enemies of Isis? Tensions build around the world - and on the political domestic front. China puts bombers on high alert. US sends 'nuclear sniffer' aircraft to Korean peninsula. Kim Jung-un threatens to nuke US to ashes. Trump says Iran not living up the 'spirit of nuclear deal.' Professor displays painting of beheaded Trump at University of Alaska - Anchorage. Jihadi Joe. Why does Iran need nuclear energy? I thought solar & wind was the future of energy? An explanation of the parody song. GOP compromise on healthcare bill. Vote next week? Pending government shutdown looms. How will Trump & GOP navigate? Patriots correct NY Times story. Turns out almost same # of players attended in 2015 & 2017. Fake news. Have a great weekend!