North Korea

Trump calls full Senate to the White House to discuss North Korea. Will politics stop at the water's edge - or will the Left politicize this issue of paramount importance? Tension has been building for some time, but it was ignored by Obama Administration. The blame is an immoral, broken political system (communism) and an uncontrollable leader. Rachel Dolezal talks to black South Africans about the struggles about being black, even though she's white. If gender is fluid, why can't race be fluid? What does the scientific community have to say about this? Walter Williams highlights insane predictions of radical climate change community since 1970. District judge rules Trump sanctuary city executive order unconstitutional because Congress controls spending. Judge bundled $200k for Obama. Obama speaking to Wall Street for $400k. Hillary postmortem. Many still blame sexism. Was the Democrat Party sexist in 2008 when it chose Obama over Hillary?