The Battle to Brand the First 100 Days

Media breathlessly tells us Trump has reached the 100 day milestone. But contrary to what many foretold about Trump, we're 100 days in and the only red button Trump pushes is for a Diet Coke - not his nuclear arsenal. Heritage outlines the promises Trump has kept - and not yet kept - in his first 100 days. Political hack Chuck Schumer says Trump has abandoned 'working families' in just his first 100 days. Predictable, empty political rhetoric. Trevor Noah says Trump is 'making bank' by being president. Some thought November 8 would end the political fight in America, but they were wrong. It was only the beginning. Returning to limited government will be a massive fight every step of the way because careers, power & money are at stake for lovers of big government. Looking back is only good for instructive purposes. Trump has many days ahead - and we've got to continue to make political progress, regardless of the score for the first 100 days.