Filibustering the Constitution?

A weekend of meltowns. The LA Times demonstrates its level of insanity in an editorial against Trump. Tom Perez, following in the footsteps of previous DNC leaders, says Republicans 'don't give a s*** about people.' How I value people. The value of the individual & the dignity of work. And then there were 3. Chuck Schumer is filibustering the will of the American people, not Neil Gorsuch. Schumer deliberately misrepresents the truth, yet again. Democrat Party believes in Big Government for America and iron-fist leadership over their Congressional members. Only 2 reasons Democrats have given for opposing Gorsuch: his belief in Originalism & the silly argument that this seat belongs to Merrick Garland. In other words, they oppose Gorsuch because he supports the Constitution or simply out of spite. If a Democrat Senator comes out in favor of Neil Gorsuch, they are self-identifying their seat as a 2018 toss-up. Adam Schiff admits there is still no definitive link between the Trump Campaign & Russia - but that's why it's important to keep looking. One could definitely make the case that this looks like a witch hunt. But we definitely know this is about politics & obstructionism for the Left. Trump v North Korea.