Obstructionism & Lawlessness

Democrats have enough votes to filibuster Gorsuch. I can only imagine the begging & pleading required to get Senator Schumer to approve a Democrat senator's support of Gorsuch. Compare & contrast GOP healthcare vote with Democrat Gorsuch filibuster. Democrat leadership ensures members toe the line & vote as they demand. Will GOP change Senate rules or crumble under pressure? Why do Republicans have to answer all of the questions? Why don't Democrats have to tell us why they are filibustering Gorsuch? Why don't they have to explain their use of a partisan filibuster for a legitimate vacancy to be filled by an individual who passed their hearings with flying colors? This is fantastic: Sharon Stone spoken word tribute to Maxine Waters. Susan Rice reportedly made the call to unmask Trump officials. Is a Russian video to blame. Remembering the tragic Benghazi scandal. By the way, this has the appearance of a scandal much more so than the "Trump/Russia/Putin/Trump" accusations. Richard Milhous Obama? What about 'two speech rule?'