The Left Circles the Wagons Around Rice

Name another American who was caught up in 'foreign surveillance.' It's not common to know anyone unmasked - but we know Trump. Why? Chris Matthews says this is a diversion from Trump/Russia - and anyone who mentions the name 'Susan Rice' is a sexist & maybe a racist. Canadian national anthem going gender-neutral? Breitbart summarizes what we learned from Rice interview. Someone involved in the unmasking of Trump had to tell someone or we wouldn't be talking about it today. Reminds me of the story of Jesus' resurrection. Some mistakenly tell us the women never told anyone their story - but if they didn't, how is it recorded in the Gospel? The arguments Chris Matthews & his cast of liberals use to defend Susan Rice could, ironically, be applied almost verbatim to the Trump/Russia narrative. Gorsuch vote. The Left is intentionally misleading Americans through inaccurate propaganda emails. An actual partisan filibuster has never been used to reject a nominee. But there are examples in American history of the Senate not taking action on Supreme Court nominees. Two current justices, Thomas & Alito, both were confirmed with fewer than sixty votes (52 & 58, respectively). I know liberals aren't good with numbers, but they should know both of those are less than 60. Wish I had more time. Have a great day.