Navigating Syria

Syrian city hit with chemical weapon attack. US blames Assad. Russia denies Assad to blame. Remembering Obama's red line. Complicated mess in Middle East. Big government dictator thug Assad versus a radical Islamic terrorist group (Isis). Big government killed millions in 20th Century. When is a humanitarian mission justified? Or should we only intervene when vital US interests are at stake? How do we properly weigh them? Trump won't tell media his plans, tells them 'you'll see.' Pence says 'all options are on the table with Syria.' Angela Merkel to the rescue: Germany passes bill that mandates social media sites to remove fake news or hate speech within 24 hours or face fines of up to $50 million. Faux outrage over Gorsuch, nuclear option. Senator Merkley (D-OR) speaks for over 15 hours - about nothing. McConnell says Democrats would filibuster Ruth Bader Ginsburg if that was Trump's nominee. Democrats are masters of catchy phrases that mean nothing once scrutinized, such as 'change the nominee, not the rules.' Great apes know when wrong choices are made?