Trump Fires Comey

Trump fires FBI Director James Comey. A recap of what has happened with Comey, the election process & the Hillary Clinton email & pay-to-play scandal. Based on what we know today about Comey's leadership, would he be hired as FBI Director today? I think that answer is almost universally 'no.' If that's true, ignoring all other issues (like Russia, timing, politics, etc), he deserves to be fired. But politics doesn't take place in a vacuum, so those other factors will play out in the consequences. List of other scandals on Comey's watch. Democrats would be content seeing Trump fall like Nixon, but they are also perfectly content to have the issue of 'Russian/Trump/Putin' dominate the news cycle. They see it as a political winner for their party in 2018 midterms. Just yesterday we talked about how Democrats are defending Communists - a political ideology Putin has connections to. Seems to me one party has more shared interests with Russia than the other. RIchard Milhouse Obama has more in common with Nixon than Trump.