Trump Is Destroying Institutions?

James Clapper says Trump is assaulting American institutions. Kind of ironic given that Clapper served in the Cabinet of America's first anti-constitutional president, Barack Obama. North Korea launches missile it says can carry nuclear warhead. Trump didn't cause that. American weakness is provocative. Mike Lee recommends Merrick Garland for FBI Director. I didn't like this at first - but this may be politically brilliant. Quick review of Merrick Garland story. Will the Left refuse to confirm Garland, too? Haha! Democrats in Senate are radical Leftists. Joe Donnelly brags about being most bipartisan Democrat in Congress. Is giving Iran path to nukes a bipartisan act? North Korea is a case study for what we are on path to see in Iran one day, thanks to Jihadi Joe & Democrats in the Senate. There are no moderate Democrats any more. They vote lock-step with radical leadership - or they fall prostrate & beg for permission to vote outside will of Democrat Party. Lois Lerner facing death threats? By who? Bill Ayers?