Who Do You Believe?

Washington Post story says Trump leaked classified information to Russian leaders. Who do we believe: Trump & his Administration or the media & anonymous sources? David Brooks & lightning bugs. North Korea behind global cyberattack? Some are calling this fake news or an attack on Trump by the deep state. Media, Democrats & even some Republicans claim it's the result of America electing a clueless, undisciplined, pro-Russian leader. Conveniently fits into the Trump/Russia/Putin narrative. Private investigator believes Seth Rich was Wikileaks source. If this is true, this is yet another major hole in the Trump-Russia collusion narrative - as if that matters to the media or the Left. John Podesta email. Media is not interested in communicating the truth. They want to further a narrative for political purposes. Trump pushes back & says he has an absolute right to share information with Russia - at least that's what CNN reported as we were wrapping up.