The Left Smells Blood

James Comey memo asserts Trump asked him to stop investigating Lt Gen Michael Flynn. Jason Chaffetz asks for copy of memo. Israel source for intelligence Trump shared with Russia. Nothing illegal, but did it undermine our intel-sharing with foreign agencies. Heritage article. Obama shared intelligence about Syria with Russia. Dems plan a 'Resistance Summer' - even as they continue losing elections. Reminds me of Joe Biden's lackluster 'Summer of Recovery." Democrats & mooching off parents. Man sues his date for $17.31. I didn't even know it was ok for a man to pay for his dates anymore. Bradley/Chelsea Manning released from prison - for an illegal act - as the media freaks out over Trump sharing intel with Russia - a legal act. What Bradley/Chelsea Manning did - although I confused this story with Bowe Bergdahl during the program today. My apologies. But the irony of the timing remains: a real traitor released the same week the media, in faux outrage, hammers Trump for allegedly compromising national security.