The Russian-Trump Collusion Narrative

A review of the Russia-Trump collusion story. It all began because the Democrats nominated a candidate who ran a campaign of darkness. The real collusion occurred when the Clinton Campaign & DNC conspired to block Bernie from winning the Party's nomination. Seth Rich story ignored by media. More on the Russian-Trump collusion narrative. The Huffington Post tries to explain - albeit woefully - why Democrats are waiting to impeach Trump. Give me a break. Which Party has a Russian problem again? Transgendered person can sue for 'gender dysphoria' - which may require medical treatment. Huh? Judge rules t-shirt printer doesn't have to print 'gay pride' tees. Anyone believe this will really put an end to the case? Survey purports to find that 1/4 of all Americans are atheist. I doubt this. Religious liberty. I'll be returning on May 30. Talk with you then!