Liberal & Vulgarly Bitter Political TV

Stephen Colbert, host of very liberal and vulgarly bitter late night TV, demonstrates yet again the Left has no alternative to conservative, not bitter talk radio. James Comey testifies. More talk about 2016 Election, Wikileaks, Hillary & Russia. But no Susan Rice testimony for Congress. Jimmy Kimmel inserts his son into the healthcare debate. Would his child have received treatment without Obamacare? Why does the Left see the Federal Government as the solution to every single problem we face? It's almost always the problem & never the solution. Update listeners on some changes coming to the show. Live weekdays from 6-7am on Freedom 95 starting (tentatively) July 3. Hope to be able to take callers by then, too. Female North Korean defector praises Trump for his actions against the insane leader Kim Jung-un. This has to drive the superficial Left crazy - given that they tell us daily that Trump hates women & minorities. Puerto Rico files for bankruptcy: the result of liberal spending.