Healthcare & Freedom of (Religious) Speech

House votes to partially repeal & replace Obamacare. Left goes batty and says GOP LOL-ing that they're taking away people's healthcare. The Nutty Professor Bernie Sanders says Republicans will let thousands of Americans die so they can cut taxes for billionaires. There is a genuine debate to have about healthcare - but this sophistry isn't it. Dems sing "Goodbye" song to Republicans who voted for AHCA. Americans for Tax Reform list Obamacare taxes repealed by AHCA vote - and contrary to what Bernie tells us - they're exclusively for billionaires. Trump signs Executive Order regarding religious liberty. Johnson Amendment. Free speech in the pulpit. Sixteenth Amendment. Why must we give up some of our free speech rights to maintain an arbitrary tax exemption status with the IRS? Some criticize Trump executive order on religious freedom for not doing enough. Others praise it.  Stand to Honor fundraiser this weekend.