The Left's Predictable Political Tactics

Macron defeats Le Pen in French presidential election. One thing I've learned through this campaign: marrying a woman half your age, not ok; marrying a woman twice your age, fantastic. Healthcare bill goes to Senate: what will happen there? It appears the Left's use of fake protests have made its way to a Palestinian inmate in an Israeli prison. Newsweek writer wishes Republicans who voted for AHCA & Obamacare repeal will have family members who suffer & die. Did Obamacare really save lives - and will repealing it kill people? Obama tells Congress to be politically courageous and defend Obamacare. Senator Kamala Harris drops f-bomb publicly when defending Obamacare. Late night comedians hailed as torchbearers for liberal message, aka the 'resistance.' Butler University changes course. When I was there, I took a course called "Is Capitalism Really Better?"