Constitutionally Incompatible Ideas

California state assembly votes to end ban on having a government job if you're a member of the Communist Party. It now goes to the California Senate. If this bill isn't passed, they're going to have mass resignation from hundreds of Democrats, the modern home of Communists. Remembering the Cold War. Communism is the antithesis of the Constitution & the American philosophy. Healthcare gives us a chance to persuade people about the power of limited government - but we've got to capitalize on it. Jimmy Kimmel & GOP Senator Cassidy. North Korea capable of striking US with EMP attack? Is this the next thing Congress will seek to ban? Not sure yet if 97% of scientists agree, though. Clapper & Yates testify before Senate subcommittee, trying to keep Russian collusion story alive - with help of CNN. But unmasking is real story. Terror rehab?