This Is Art?

Looking for the equivalent of liberal, not bitter theater company in NYC is an effort in futility. Trump look-alike plays Julius Caesar & is assassinated. Fareed Zakaria calls this "brilliantly interpreted for Trump era" and a "masterpiece." Free speech. Political discourse. Why did the production company expect controversy? You normally only expect reactions that are warranted to a certain degree. Well, unless you're dealing with a radical Leftist. This production comes from the same general crowd that riots when a speaker they disagree with visits a college campus. This is not art; it's superficial, empty hate speech. Senate moving toward Obamacare repeal. Democrats are very concerned. Sessions to testify before Congress today. Another phase of the witch hunt - or something to be concerned about? Trump to fire Mueller? Mueller building a team of lawyers. Is he about to go hard after Trump? Conflict of interest? Travel ban ruling upheld - again.