A Special Election & More Terrorism

Still looking for the Left's version of conservative, not bitter talk radio. Certainly won't find it on MSNBC. Host Joy-Ann Reid brands Steve Scalise an extremist as he lies in serious condition in a hospital - after being shot by a real extremist. Barack Ossoff v Karen Handel. Special election tomorrow. Referendum on Trump? The Left's style of campaign. Man drives vehicle into crowd of Muslims in London. Kills 1, injures 10. Retaliatory act? This is equally as reprehensible as jihadists targeting their innocent targets. What politicians need to do. The former QB of the San Francisco 49ers is busy not injecting politics into sports again. When Putin was busy colluding with Trump about the 2016 election, did it cross his mind that the US would shoot down a Syrian jet that bombed targets near US allies?