Why Are Democrats Still In Control?

The things the Left & the Media want us to believe defy logic. Democrats want to 'get to the bottom' of Trump/Russian collusion/obstruction of justice charges - but they block people from testifying. They tell us Kaepernick is not injecting politics into sports - even as he tweets about police officers being the same as runaway slave agents. They tell us Putin wanted Trump - and helped put him in White House - even as the US shoots down Syrian jet (Russia's ally in conflict). Why do Democrats have this much power when they aren't in power? They control the narrative & what happens with this silly Russian-Trump investigation. Think of how corrupt they are when they are in power. Congress may cancel August recess to get back to their agenda. Mixed thoughts about this. But the solution is simple: Do. Your. Job. Russia to treat US aircraft as targets - but they come short of threatening to shoot them down. Scott Pelley. Political rhetoric.