A Referendum on Trump?

It wasn't supposed to happen like this. Barack Ossoff lost in a runoff to Karen Handel. Democrats argued this was a referendum on Trump. Now, of course, Democrats tell us that wasn't a referendum. They tell us it was a very close race that was never supposed to be this tough for Republicans. It's a 'moral victory' for Democrats. Uh huh. Sure. Just look at the faces of CNN political reporters. Safe to say their guy lost, huh? I must've missed Democrats excoriating Ossoff for all the money he injected into this campaign. Ossoff spent $22 million+. Handel spent $14 million. 93% of donations came from outside GA? Enough prevent offense in Congress. Part of me wonders if they talk of canceling August recess so as to avoid being bombarded by angry constituents at town hall meetings back home. New York Times story about Michael Flynn having access to classified information, even though Trump Administration knew he was a blackmail risk by Russia. Who was the blackmail risk? How about Hillary?! Jim 'Very Fake News' Acosta tells us he's concerned about the lack of transparency in Trump Administration. I thought Trump was too transparent & active on Twitter? Isn't that where 'covfefe' came from, after all? CNN is more concerned about being irrelevant & losing their ability to control the narrative. But they still have way more power & influence than they should. Ossoff lost. Handel won. If the Media was consistent, they would say the referendum on Trump shows that the people of GA are pleased.